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thetissuebox's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

Please read the rules before you try to join the community. If you don't, you will be rejected.


Welcome to thetissuebox. This community is maintained by kwidine and all question should be directed towards her. Please read over the rules before joining.

Maintainer: kwidine
Moderator: lilhoniebear & jakotw


01. Please comment in the Access Denied! entry saying you want to join the community. And then press this link to get considered. Starting December 01, this community will be moderated. You will not be accepted if you don't credit the graphics on your livejournal or if you are in stealing icon communities. If you get accepted, you will see the icons. If you do not do both, you will not be accepted. If you have questions about why you were not accepted, comment on here.
02. Credit is a MUST. Please credit in the icon keyword. Posting in your journal or info won't cut it. We will not spend time going through everyone's journals and userinfos to check for credit.
03. Do not add the icon makers' private journals.
04. We will check periodically for credit. You will no longer get a warning to credit us in a given amount of time, and after that, you will be banned.
05. Do not bitch at the mods of this community. We're on a "you piss us off, and you're banned" policy.


This layout was created at premade_ljs and modified by lilhoniebear. Graphics are made by kwidine.

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May Announcements. [May 30, 2006 @ 3:57pm]

May Announcements:

+ We will be having a new posting schedule. We'll be having a post every three days instead of five now, since we have an additional member. All the icons will also be spread out - basicons, eyecons, and lyrics.
+ There will also be two request posts each month now, since requests are quite popular, or so it seems.

Hope you enjoy next month's icons! =)

[February 21, 2005 @ 2:45pm]

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